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Tulsa SEM Owner - Rex TurnerTulsa SEM Marketing & Consulting

is owned and operated by Leaning Dog Marketing in Tulsa Oklahoma.

  • What is Tulsa SEM?SEM is search engine marketing.  That means doing the proper things so your website is found and considered valuable to the search engines.  Trust me it is THAT important!
  • Who are we?My name is Rex Turner.   I have been selling products online for over 6 years and have around 200 web sites.  I have spent well over $20,000 in just the last couple of years alone educating myself about internet marketing.

Why did I create Tulsa SEM?

I saw small businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma struggling, to get more customers with poor performing websites and online marketing methods.  Or worse yet, they may have no website at ALL and wonder why they don’t have enough paying customers.  They often give the excuse that they can’t afford to be on the internet.

You can’t afford to NOT have your business on the internet.

Most businesses know how to do THEIR business but have NO IDEA how to market and bring massive traffic into your business like I do.  Most businesses build a “branding” website that has virtually ZERO chance of helping them make money.  That is because most web designers build websites to look pretty or appeal to the owner’s ego.  Website designers rarely are marketers.  Here at Tulsa SEM marketing your business online is our strength.

  • Who are our services for?Tulsa SEM services are primarily for local businesses in the Tulsa and surrounding area.  If you need more traffic to your website or your business we can probably help.  I like to work with just a few local companies so that we can meet face to face when needed.

What can Tulsa SEM do for you?

I sell products on the internet every day.  EVERY DAY!  That requires the ability to get my websites found, qualified traffic to them and conversions to sales.  I have all the software tools and knowledge to do SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), PPC (Pay per click) advertising, properly structured website design.  Many of the software tools I have cost thousands of dollars and require specialized training to use.  With hundreds of websites I have the knowledge to drive website rankings to the top.

Honestly, I am only looking to work with only a handful of local businesses, so this will be a very exclusive relationship.  I do not plan to bring in dozens of clients into Tulsa SEM.  I will probably only work with 4 or 5 clients at a time to ensure my high quality standards are met.  Helping you requires a significant investment of my time to dedicate the proper attention that you need to get the job done right.  And I won’t take the job unless it can be done right.

  • What services does Tulsa SEM offer?
    • We analyze your market, your website & your competitors.
    • We determine what keywords you should be optimized for.  If right about now you say “HUH?” you need my help.
    • We can structure your website so that the search engines can tell what your website is about and make sure that you are found when people are searching for the products and services you sell.
    • We can improve your PR (page rank).  Do you know what this is and why it is important?
    • We can handle your PPC campaigns to drive you qualified traffic to your website and to your door.
    • We can track just about everything.  Keywords, clicks, click prices, EPC (earnings per click), Conversions, ROI (return on investment), and much more.
    • We can track phone calls so you know how many you got from your website.
    • We can work with your webmaster to make necessary changes.
    • We can even build or modify your site if necessary.
    • We can build you a Facebook Fan Page and handle your Facebook advertising.
    • We can set up Twitter for you or other web 2.0 properties.
    • We can install autoresponders on your website to handle your email campaigns.

Look around our website to learn more about how we can help you get more qualified customers and make more money.

Use the CONTACT form (Or call 918-492-1691) to set up an appointment with Tulsa SEM to improve your search engine marketing.

Tulsa SEM says “Our job is to make you money!”

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